The most complete history of the Wallace and Ladmo show

"Nice to see ya. Thanks for tuning in."

If you grew up in Arizona between the years 1954 and 1989, these words are familiar. Our pal Wallace, also known as Wallboy, greeted us every morning or afternoon depending on their time slot) during the week and the fun began.

The Wallace & Ladmo Show is truly an Arizona icon. The show had a remarkable 35 ½ year run on local television station KPHO-TV5 in Phoenix. It was eventually seen all over Arizona, northern Mexico and towns in California that were near the Arizona border. The show was even briefly syndicated to Los Angeles and New York.

Apart from their television appearances, the trio that made up the show (Bill “Wallace” Thompson, Ladimir “Ladmo” Kwiatkowski and Pat McMahon) also made thousands of personal appearances all over the state. Their sports team, the Ladmo Jets, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities.

Wallace & Ladmo provided a daily dose of classic cartoons and live skits that lampooned local and national news, politics and life in general. Regular characters such as Marshall Good, Captain Super, Gerald, Aunt Maud and Boffo the Clown provided humor that the adults could relate to while the kids in the audience waited for the next cartoon.

Wallace & Ladmo will always have a cherished place in the hearts of thousands of lucky people who were touched by their humor and overall fun outlook on life!! To the fan and non-fan alike,we hope you enjoy this tribute to a very funny show put on by some very, very talented men and women.You will see excerpts of interviews with those who created the nonsense for all those years, as well as the fans who enjoyed it. So have fun as you peruse

    Wallace, Introducing (2007)