Bill "Wallace" Thompson

Bill "Wallace" ThompsonThe man who would be Wallace was born in New York City in 1931. While in high school,Bill was interested in football and track. He also discovered something else; he liked getting laughs. He loved to write funny stuff and draw cartoons and perform in any skit or play or assembly where he could do a funny part.He began writing about a “fictional” character named Wallace Snead (he thought the name was funny). The stories were really autobiographical.

Bill would eventually end up in DePauw University in Indiana. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to focus on cartooning or writing funny essays or performing. He had no intention of staying and graduating. As he says, “I wanted to get rolling.”

Bill and his new wife Donna moved to Phoenix in 1952. His cousin Ned told him of a new television station opening up, Channel 5. He got a job on the floor crew and eventually wrangled his way onto The Golddust Charlie Show playing Golddust’s nephew, a guy named Wallace Snead.

Bill 'Wallace' Thompson passed away on July 23, 2014. A few weeks later a public memorial was held at the Cine Capri Theatre at Tempe Marketplace. Over 600 people were in attendance and were treated to a Ladmo Bag and a host of speakers who reflected upon Wallace's legacy. The photographs on the screen during the memorial were all provided by

Memorial Card
Memorial Card

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Model A Overheats: 1958

Early Wallace Snead - 1950's1950's
1983 Cast Photo
Ladmo and Wallace - Final Goodbye - 1989