Bobby Jo Trouble

Introduced in 1967, Bobby Jo Trouble (played by Pat McMahon) was a tough-guy biker who added a Wild One flair to the show. But Bobby Jo was no Marlon Brando. He talked tough, but he and his gang (The Troublemakers) would be the ones roughed up by little old ladies and Phoenix Jaycees.

Ladmo: Hey gang, look who’s here. It’s Bobby Jo Trouble!


Bobby Jo Trouble: Hey, let’s all cheer, jump up and down.


Ladmo: And today, something special. The legend of Bobby Jo Trouble. His own story in his own words.


Bobby Jo Trouble: I appreciate the opportunity, Ladmo. Ready? Here I go . . .


Ladmo: Wait, hold it just a second. There’s a last minute change. We don’t have time for entire biography, so just quickly give us some of the highlights of your life story.


Bobby Jo Trouble: Highlights? What are you talking about, highlights?


Ladmo: Well, briefly skim over some of the peak moments.


Bobby Jo Trouble: OK, wait, all right. Running out of time. Highlights. . . skim . . . peak moments . . .

Chain. Pipe. Two by four. Tire iron. Parking lot. Rumble. Busted. Squad car. Holding cell. Uh, suspended sentence. Back on the street. Pump gas. Save money. AVOID former associates. Buy Harley. Head west. Arrive Phoenix . New life. Fresh start . . .Boredom . . . Chain. Pipe. Two by four. Tire iron. Parking lot. Rumble . . .